Leadership Team

Vacant, Controller
T: 470.578.6214

Donna Bertrand, Associate Controller for Operations
T: 470.578.5157
E: dbertra1@kennesaw.edu

Jamie Fernandes, Associate Controller Budget & Compliance
T: 470.578.5195
E: jferna46@kennesaw.edu

Maurena Maynor, Associate Controller Auxiliary and Groups
T: 470.578.4970
E: mmaynor1@kennesaw.edu

Jaimie Ward, Acting Associate Controller Financial Reporting
T: 470.578.6010
E: jward@kennesaw.edu

Rita Alwan, Bursar
T: 470.578.6419
E: ralwan@kennesaw.edu

Shana Hardy, Bursar (Marietta)
T: 470.578.4485
E: shardy22@kennesaw.edu

Kenneth Bridges, Director of Enterprise Financial Reporting
T: 470.578.3422
E: kbridges@kennesaw.edu

Rob Bridges, Director of Financial Compliance
T: 470.578.3622
E: rbridge7@kennesaw.edu

Sandy Cagliani, Director of Accounts Payable and Travel
T: 470.578.7741
E: scaglian@kennesaw.edu

Robert Forbes, Director of Procurement & Contracting
T: 470.578.2353
E: rforbes6@kennesaw.edu

Michelle McGinty, Senior Financial Analyst
T: 470.578.6012
E: mmcginty@kennesaw.edu

Belinda Pedroso, Accounting Director – Facilities Finance
T: 470.578.5180
E: bpedros1@kennesaw.edu

Brad Smith, Director – Payroll Services and HRIS
T: 470.578.6516
E: bsmit261@kennesaw.edu

Rai Sookram, Budget Director
T: 470.578.2544
E: rsookra2@kennesaw.edu

Robin Wade, Director of Budget Operations & Variance Reporting
T: 470.578.7515
E: rwade10@kennesaw.edu

Organizational Chart