Supplier or Vendor Information

  • The Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS), State Purchasing Division (SPD) handles supplier registration for purposes of bids and for suppliers seeing to secure and maintain a business relationship with the State of Georgia. To register your company to be notified of business opportunities and to do business with the State of Georgia and state agencies, go to the DOAS Suppliers Web page.

    DOAS maintains a listing of all competitive solicitations on the Georgia Procurement Registry (GPR). All KSU solicitations valued at $25,000 or more are posted on the GPR and can be found by searching under the "open" category. Subsequent award information will be posted under the "awarded" category.

    DOAS also maintains an email notification system that will alert registered suppliers to bid opportunities in accordance with the supplier's registered commodity codes. Suppliers should check the GPR for potential bid opportunities regularly and should consistently maintain their supplier profile (i.e., commodity codes, addresses, organization information, contacts, phone, and email, etc.). Further information can be found in the under on the DOAS Suppliers Web page. 

  • To register as a Supplier to do business with Kennesaw State University, please fill out and return the following forms by mail to

    Kennesaw State University
    Attn: Supplier Authorization Form
    3391 Town Point Drive NW, Suite 3700
    Kennesaw, GA 30144

    Supplier Authorization Form

    Security and Immigration Compliance Affidavit (E-Verify Affidavit)

    O.C.G.A. §13-10-91(b)(1) states, in part, “A public employer shall not enter into a contract … for the physical performance of services unless the contractor registers and participates in the federal work authorization program. Before a bid for any such service is considered by a public employer, the bid shall include a signed, notarized affidavit from the contractor….”

    We are required to obtain an E-Verify Affidavit, also known as the Supplier Security and Immigration Affidavit, any time a purchase for services or labor exceeds a total amount of $2,499.99.

    More information can be found here: E-Verify FAQ

    For more information on how to do business with Kennesaw State University, please click here.

  • Please note that if you are performing any work on campus, a current and up-to-date Certificate of Liability Insurance must be on file with Kennesaw State University. For more information about insurance and bonding, please click here.

    The supplier is required to maintain the following insurance coverage’s during the term of the contract:

    Workers Compensation Insurance (Occurrence) in the amounts of the statutory limits established by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia (A self-insurer must submit a certificate from the Georgia Board of Workers Compensation stating that the supplier qualifies to pay its own workers compensation claims.) In addition, the supplier shall require all subcontractors occupying the premises or performing work under the contract to obtain an insurance certificate showing proof of Workers Compensation Coverage with the following minimum coverage:

    Workers Compensation (WC): Statutory Limits – required in all contracts
    Bodily injury by accident - per employee: $100,000 
    Bodily injury by disease - per employee: $100,000
    Bodily injury by disease - policy limit: $500,000
    Commercial General Liability Policy with the following minimum coverage:
    Each Occurrence Limit: $1,000,000
    Personal & Advertising Injury Limit: $1,000,000     
    General Aggregate Limit: $ 2,000,000
    Products/Completed Ops. Aggregate Limit: $ 2,000,000
    Automobile Liability:
    Combined Single Limit: $1,000,000
    Umbrella Liability:  $2,000,000