All sponsorship requests must be submitted to compliance@kennesaw.edu for approval prior to purchase. In accordance with the University System of Georgia, the purchase of sponsorships with institutional funds are prohibited unless the agreement provides a substantial benefit to the university in the form of marketing and advertising that is equal or greater in value to the price of the agreement. Sponsorship requests must include an invoice or documentation from the vendor that includes the specific items the university will receive in return for the sponsorship commitment. Donations of any form are prohibited.

The Membership Form must be completed and signed by a supervisor prior to the purchase of an individual membership. The University System of Georgia prohibits the purchase of an individual memberships with civic organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce. Memberships must meet the following requirements:

  • The membership is required for the employee’s position.
  • The membership provides a benefit to the university.
  • The membership is transferable to another KSU employee upon the change of employment.