• To change the name, division prefix, or manager of a department or project, please complete the Budget Department Request Form, which is located on our Forms page.
  • To create a new department, please complete the Budget Department Request Form, which is located on our Forms page.
  • To request a new project, please complete the Project Request Form, which is located on our Forms page.
  • A Budget Amendment is needed anytime you wish to make a permanent or temporary change to your budget.  Budget amendments are required when creating a new position, when an employee receives a reclassification or other salary increase, or when positions are transferred from one department to another.  Additionally, budget amendments are necessary for any other permanent or temporary transfer involving student/graduate assistants or temporary staff, travel, operating, or equipment budgets within or across departments.

    Business Managers have the capability of processing Budget Transfers in PeopleSoft.  These are temporary transfers between non-personal services accounts ONLY.  Transfers may not cross fund groups and may not include personal services.

  • Permanent amendments carry over from year to year.  For example, a permanent $10,000 transfer between Travel and Operating will be reflected in subsequent years’ budgets.

    Temporary amendments are only reflected in the current fiscal year, and subsequent years’ budgets will not reflect the change.

  • Please review our Budget Deadlines page for up-to-date information.
  • Carryforward cannot be calculated until the prior fiscal year is closed and will not be reflected in the budget until that point.  Typically the budgets are posted in late August or early September.
    • Effective September 17, 2008 

    Faculty Vacancy Lag

    The savings from vacant faculty positions remains within the department's budget and can be redirected through the submission of a budget amendment signed by the department manager.

    Staff Vacancy Lag

    Due to state budget constraints and the need to use vacancy lag to fund institutional needs, the following procedure was implemented:

    Vacancy lag on staff positions will be redirected monthly from the department to an institutional contingency account. Department managers may request to have funds returned to the department by submitting a budget amendment and supporting justification to the Office of Budget and Planning (OBP). The OBP will forward the request for approval:

    •    Requests from Academic Affairs to the Provost
    •    Requests from non-Academic Departments to the CBO

    If approved by the Provost or CBO, then the final approval will be required from the President.

  • The university covers vacation payout for staff employees paid by state funds (funds 10000 and 10500).  The VPO is expensed to the department, and funding will be amended into the position’s budget by OBP based on information received from Human Resources.  This occurs on a monthly basis, or as needed.

    Vacation payouts for regular faculty and administrative faculty (i.e. deans or department chairs), as well as positions paid by revenue-generating units, are not covered by the university. 

    A general rule is that the university only covers vacation payouts on positions which are subject to vacancy lag.

  • The OBP reviews HireTouch requests for new positions, reclassifications and refills of vacant positions, as well as PeopleAdmin postings for faculty positions. In doing so, we are verifying that funding is available, the funding source is correct, the position number is correct or the department has identified funding and a new position needs to be created. OBP reviews PAFs to determine that funding exists for the action. OBP only reviews PAFs that involve a funding/salary change.
  • Budget and other financial reporting is available in SAS. Please view our SAS page for more information.

  • Please click here for a job aid which helps departments track spend used for research purposes.
  • Complete the Elective Fee Request Form. Please refer to the Elective Fee Policy when completing this form.
  • The SAS Financial Account Request Form is located here.
  • After logging in to SAS, the “Getting Started” page on the SAS Portal contains helpful guides and information.  Please contact the KSU Service Desk for technical issues with SAS.
  • Please check KSU OwlTrain for available SAS training sessions.