How To Do Business With KSU

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Kennesaw State University. Our goal is to do business with a diverse pool of companies that deliver quality, service, and value. We seek to develop business relationships that benefit both the University and the community. In other words, your success is our success.

Getting Started:

  • First, as a state-funded, public institution, we are bound by the procurement rules set forth in the Georgia Procurement Manual. To understand how to do business with the State of Georgia, we recommend attending a Supplier Webinar, offered by the Department of Administrative Services, State Purchasing Department.  Specifically, consider the titles "Supplier Webinar" and "Supplier Orientation Webinar: A Path to Partnership."
  • Second, register your company in the Team Georgia Marketplace registration system (
  • Third, access the State of Georgia free web-based advertising system, The Georgia Procurement Registry (GPR), which publicizes government contract opportunities (  RFQ/RFI/RFQC/RFP opportunities are posted here. You can look up opportunities by Agency or by keyword.