Allowable Cost Matrix

What Fund Can I Use to Buy This Item or Service?
If you are trying to determine if your expense is allowable under a certain fund type, the Allowable Cost Matrix is a tool created just for that.

The Fiscal Services team included a detailed list of known expenses on the matrix, but if you find your expense is not covered - please contact Compliance for assistance at

Always take the time to consider whether expenses are appropriate for certain funds groups. Our friends at Georgia Tech created this helpful line of questions below:

  • Is this an appropriate use of the particular resources or fund group (i.e. State, Sponsored, etc.)?
  • Am I comfortable explaining this charge to an auditor?
  • Am I comfortable explaining this charge to the public?
  • Is this expense reasonable? Would a prudent person have purchased this item and paid this price?
  • Is this expense "allocable"? Is the expense applicable to the project and fund group with a high degree of certainty?
  • Is this expense allowable? Does this expense fall within the general parameters of this particular fund group?
  • Is this consistent? Are other expenses for similar purposes treated in the same way?