On-Demand Training

Fiscal Services Pre-Recorded On-Demand FLEx Training

Pre-Recorded training is offered through the on-Demand (FLEX) program. Register and access through Owl Train at http://owltrain.kennesaw.edu.

FLEx Accounting 101 v1 – Provides an overview of accounting fundamentals related to fund groups, understand chartfield segments, as well as understand different accounts.

FLEx Accounting 201 – OwlPay/Payment Request Fundamentals this tutorial covers the various fundamentals of utilizing OwlPay and issuing payment requests at Kennesaw State University.

FLEx 201 P-Card Fundamentals – This is the first portion of the P-Card fundamentals certification. This training is used for new approvers and cardholders, as well as the annual training requirements.  When finished, complete the FLEx 201 P-Card Fundamentals Quiz to receive credit for this course.

FLEx Accounting 202 - Travel Fundamentals – Policies and Procedures This tutorial covers the various policies and regulations regarding travel, travel requests, and expense reports here at Kennesaw State University.

FLEx Procurement 100 v1 – This tutorial covers the various policies and procedures required of employee involved in requesting or approving purchases, travel, and contracts on behalf of the University.

USG Pre-Recorded On-Demand ePro Training

EPMP07-2 Creating a Marketplace Requisition from a Cart 7:47

EPMP07-3 Creating a Special Request Requisition 11:36

EPMP03-2 Approvals: Worklists 2:56