US Citizenship

Kennesaw State University will make payments to foreign individuals providing services in the U.S. with B-1, B-2, WB or WT visas. The visa holder must complete the following documents BEFORE payment can be made:

  1. International Foreign National Information Form (FNIF)
  2. International Honoraria Certificate Form
  3. IRS W8BEN Form

Per USCIS Guidelines, H1-B, TN and O-1 visa holders who are NOT sponsored by Kennesaw State University CANNOT receive payments from Kennesaw State University.

J-1 visa holders who fall under the category of Professor, Specialist, Trainee, Researcher or Physician and are NOT sponsored by Kennesaw State University must provide a written statement from their sponsoring institution granting them permission to receive payment from Kennesaw State University.

F-1 visa holders (students) are NOT eligible to work for anyone other than the sponsoring university unless they are on OPT, CPT (employment must still be related to course of study) or have an EAD from the USCIS authorizing employment for other purposes (asylum, economic hardship).

Note: Be aware that visa holders are NOT eligible to receive payment for certain activities. Paying them for those activities violates their immigration status and could result in future immigration problems or their deportation. Please protect Kennesaw State University and our international visitors by verifying this information with the International Tax Specialist PRIOR to the activity taking place.

Contact International Services

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