Food Approvals

A Food Documentation Form must be completed, signed, and submitted with all food
purchases. The food documentation form must be signed by the department Business Manager
and an Authorized Approver, who is an individual elected to take responsibility of the food
purchases for their department and required to sign the KSU Guidelines for Food Purchases on
an annual basis. The Authorized Approver will have the responsibility to ensure all food
purchases for their department meet the guidelines set by the University System of Georgia, the
State Accounting Office, and Kennesaw State University as mentioned in the KSU Guidelines for
Food Purchases.

All payment submissions must include the following:

  • Receipts for all food purchases for the event or meeting.
  • Information about the event such as an agenda and/or flyer.
  • Full list of the attendees of the event.
  • Registration Fee documentation (if applicable).

All employee group meals must be submitted to prior to the date of
the event to obtain authorization from the President.

All purchases paid with an agency fund or grant must also seek written approval from the
respective office prior to the food purchase.

Forms and Resources

BPM 19.7 Employee Group Meals
BPM 19.8 Purchase of Food Using Institutional Funds
Food Documentation Form (currently updating)
KSU Guideline for Food Purchases (currently updating)
Food Purchases Reference Chart