Contract Signature Authority

Only authorized individuals may sign contracts on behalf of KSU.  The appropriate signature authority is dependent on the type of contract and its value, as outlined below.

The President, or the President’s designee, has the authority to sign any contracts, except as limited by the Board of Regents (BOR Policy Manual 2.5.4).  It is the University’s responsibility to establish internal policy related to purchasing authority and purchasing limits, for all appropriate staff within the University.

The table below outlines the current signature authorities, for contracts, for the procurement of goods or services:

  • Authorized Signatory

    Annual Contract Value

  • President, Chief Business Officer

    Unlimited amount and

    Non-monetary contracts

    Gift acceptance agreements and related documents

  • Provost

    Less than $50,000,

    Faculty employment contracts, and

    Non-monetary contracts that affect only their areas of responsibility

  • Vice Provosts

    Less than $25,000 that only obligate resources within their budgets and units

  • Vice Presidents, any officer designated by the President as the "Chief" officer for the University in their area of responsibility, and Deans (excluding associate and assistant VPs and deans)

    Less than $25,000 and

    Non-monetary contracts that affect only their areas of responsibility

  • Vice President for Research

    Research and grant proposals of any amount

  • Associate and Assistant Vice Presidents, Associate and Assistant Deans, Chairs, and Directors and Executive Directors

    Less than $10,000 and

    Non-monetary contracts that affect only their areas of responsibility

  • Assistant Vice President of Auxiliary Services

    Less than $25,000 that only obligate resources within Auxiliary Services

  • Executive Director, Event and Venue Management

    Less than $25,000 related to events at the university that use templates or contracts approved by the KSU Division of Legal Affairs

  • Director of Athletics

    Less than $25,000 that only obligate resources within Athletics

  • Program Managers within the College of Continuing and Professional Education

    Less than $25,000 to engage course directors and instructors using templates or contracts approved by the KSU Division of Legal Affairs

  • Associate and Assistant Vice Presidents and Directors within the Office of Research

    Research and grant proposals of any amount

  • Controller

    Any contract that the Chief Business Officer (CBO) could sign when the CBO is not reasonably available, and

    Express direction from the Chief Business Officer

  • University Procurement Officer, Executive Director of Procurement & Payment Services, Assistant Directors of Procurement, Procurement Managers, Director of Procurement

    Less than $100,000,

    Any purchases from statewide contracts,

    Any purchases from existing agency (University) contracts,

    Purchases from exempt categories, and

    Pre-approved piggyback and consortia purchases

  • University Buyers and Procurement Specialists (in Procurement only)


    Less than $50,000,

    Purchases of a value of less than $100,000 from the following:

    • Statewide contracts
    • Existing agency (University) contracts
    • Exempt categories, or
    • Pre-approved piggyback and consortia purchases
  • Police Captain or higher rank

    Contracts of a value less than $5,000 to engage law enforcement officers and EMTs from other agencies to staff events at KSU, using templates approved by the KSU Division of Legal Affairs

General thresholds to keep in mind

  • Purchases of services over $2,500 requires E-Verify
  • Purchases of $10,000 to $24,999.99 requires three quotes, and
  • Purchases of $25,000 or more requires bidding (except for exempt purchases or purchases from existing agency or statewide contracts)

The authority delegated via this policy cannot be further delegated to others.  The official executing any contract is responsible for returning an original, or PDF version, of each contract they execute to the Contract Management Office for inclusion in the university's repository.  The value of a contract is viewed as the larger of either the university's potential liability to the other party, or the other party's potential liability to the university.  Please note that the Board of Regents reserves authority to sign certain contracts to the Chancellor and the Board of Regents themselves, e.g., certain leases, major construction contracts, etc.  The authority to execute contracts on behalf of a cooperative organization is defined by each cooperative organization.  The President may delegate additional authority in writing to other university officials, and any such additional delegations shall be listed on the Contract Management website.  Authority is given to execute contracts and transactions using alternate contracting methods approved by the Chief Business Officer.

The signature authority for other types of contracts depends on the scope of the contract and which unit, within the University, is entering into the contract.  For example, the President must sign a memorandum of understanding between KSU as a whole and another University.  The college Dean must sign a contract between a KSU college and another entity.