Accounting Operations

What’s New in Accounting Operations

The process for registering NEW SHARE vendors in PeopleSoft is changing!

In order to improve the vendor registration process, Shared Services is updating the process for
registering NEW SHARE vendors, effective Monday, November 6, 2023.
As of 11/6/23, to establish a NEW (non-international) SHARE vendor in PeopleSoft:

  • The requesting department will send the vendor’s W-9, name and contact email address
    only to the KSU Vendor Registration team via LiquidFiles or ServiceNow.
    • Important: The vendor contact information must be an individual authorized to
      provide validation of information and include an email that is regularly
    • The W-9 is required to ensure that the vendor is not already registered in the
      • If the vendor is already registered, a Supplier Information Form will be
        requested by the Vendor Registration team to update the existing
        supplier information.
  • The vendor will be sent a secure link directly from PeopleSoft using the email address
    • The vendor will be prompted to enter their information directly into the
      registration portal.
  • Shared Services will complete the validation process and contact the vendor directly
    with any questions or for additional verification.
  • The KSU Vendor Registration Team will send email confirmation to the department and
    vendor with the Supplier ID once setup is complete.

Please note: The process and documentation requirements for existing SHARE vendor updates,
international vendors, and 4300B vendors will not change.

Please see the Vendor Registration webpage for additional information. 

  • The Contract Management team is responsible for managing the flow of contracts submitted
    through the Contract Management System (CMS). Their responsibilities include:

    • Receiving all contracts, memoranda of understanding, letters of agreement, lecture or
      performance agreements, licenses, terms and conditions, etc., related to all types of
      transactions, prior to being signed.
    • Ensure all required departments have reviewed the contract.
    • Notifying department of contract approval status.
    • Storing all contracts in the repository for the University.
  • The Financial Compliance team is responsible for assisting campus with general inquiries
    regarding allowable expenses with the use of institutional funds as well as general questions
    regarding University System of Georgia and Kennesaw State University policies. Financial
    Compliance also provides pre-approval for certain purchases such as employee group meals, gift
    cards, sponsorship, etc. 

  • The State of Georgia Purchasing Card program streamlines payments for goods and services for
    State business. The P-Card Program is the only charge card program authorized for use by the
    University System of Georgia (USG). The P-Card team is responsible for

    • Auditing all P-Card statements submitted monthly to ensure proper pre-approvals and
      documentation was obtained.
    • Recording Audit Findings for missing approvals or documentation.
    • Monitoring P-Card usage and spending limits.
    • Managing P-Card requests, recertifications, training, etc.
  • The Office of Fiscal Services (OFS) Vendor Registration team oversees registration of all domestic
    (U.S.) and international suppliers, companies or individuals that currently provide, or reasonably
    expect to provide, goods and/or services to the University. The Vendor Registration team also
    manages registration of KSU employees and students who require non-payroll related payments
    or reimbursements through Accounts Payable.