Vendor Registration

The Office of Fiscal Services (OFS) oversees registration of all domestic (U.S.) and international suppliers, companies or individuals that currently provide, or reasonably expect to provide, goods and/or services to the University. OFS also manages registration of KSU employees and students who require payment for reimbursements.

Vendor Registration Procedures

In order to pay a domestic (U.S.) company or individual, a completed Supplier Registration Form is required for purchase order processing and subsequent payment. To pay a KSU employee or student, a completed Employee and Student Vendor Registration Form is required. Note that the correct registration form and any related forms MUST be submitted to the Office of Fiscal Affairs before a payment can be issued. 

Supplier Registration Forms

  • Faculty, Staff, KSU Students, and High School Students of KSU: Supplier Registration Form (updated March 5, 2021)
  • All outside suppliers (non-KSU Faculty/Staff/Students): 
  • Due to sensitive information, please use one of the below methods to return either form to Vendor Registration:
    • Scanned and uploaded to DocuSign.
    • Mail the completed form to MD 9110, addressed to Vendor Registration
    • Upload the completed form to the secure file transfer site Jirafeau ( Once uploaded, a password can be set and the generated links can be submitted in ServiceNow via 
  • Please click here to view the different document management programs available to faculty, staff, and students. This page also includes the Document Management Matrix, which outlines the method for submitting confidential information.

Suppliers can also mail the completed forms to the address below:

Kennesaw State University
Attn:  Vendor Registration
Office of Fiscal Services
3391 Town Point Drive
Suite 3700, MD 9110
Kennesaw, GA  30144

In order to pay a non-U.S. based company or international individual, please see the International Payment Checklist for required documents. A completed vendor registration form will also need to be submitted to Vendor Registration.