eProcurement (ePro) FAQs

  • KSU Departments and Student Organizations may charter bus service (up to 35 passengers within a 50-mile radius) through the Department of Parking and Transportation with the Big Owl Bus (B.O.B.) for special events, field trips, conferences, etc...

    For more information on KSU Charter Policy, please click here. The charter request form is available here.

  • Required Design Approvals for Print Orders

    Merchandise or printed materials that incorporate University logos, service marks, or other University-related design elements must have the design/artwork pre-approved through the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing(http://www.kennesaw.edu/styleguide/uselogo.shtml). To obtain this approval, email your ideas, base design/artwork, or completed design/artwork to designapproval@kennesaw.edu. After review, the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing will reply to the requesting department, indicating that:

    • The design is approved for use;
    • The design is approved with modifications; or
    • The design is not approved.

    The UPS Store at KSU Copy-Print Services

    The UPS Store at the KSU Copy-Print Services is a full-service copying and printing store. It is located on the second level of the Carmichael Student Center, directly across from the Bursar’s Office.  It offers specialty services such as:

    • Poster, sign, and banner printing
    • Black and White or Color printing
    • Spot color
    • Document finishing services

    Visit the KSU Copy-Print Services and The UPS Store websites for detailed and comprehensive descriptions of services and solutions that are available to KSU’s student body, faculty, and staff. 

    KSU Copy-Print Service

    The UPS Store

    Statewide Printing & Related Services Contract

    There is a Statewide “Convenience” Contract for “Offset Printing and Related Services” (SWC 99999-SPD-SPD0000096-0001) with RR Donnelley. Print services supported under this contract include, but are not limited to:

    • Pre-Press
    • Flat Printing
    • NCR Forms
    • Commercial Print
    • Report-Booklet
    • Snap-out Forms
    • Continuous Forms

    NOTE: “Printing and Related Services” is NO LONGER AN EXEMPT COMMODITY.
    If the total anticipated value of a purchase is equal to or greater than $10,000, then KSU’s Competitive Solicitation Policy applies (https://policy.kennesaw.edu/content/competitive-solicitation-policy).

    RR Donnelley Sales Rep Information

    Omar Kinnebrew, Assistant Regional Sales Manager, RR Donnelley
    1117 Perimeter Center West, Ste. N201, Atlanta, GA 30338
    T: 770.352.8472
    C: 404.822.3188
    F: 440.352.8404
    E: omar.s.kinnebrew@rrd.com

    University of Georgia (UGA) Print Shop

    KSU departments may also continue to use the UGA Print Shop to provide expanded printing/copying services.  The UGA Print Shop also handles bulk-mailing. UGA’s Print Shop is also a resource for banners and some signs. 

    UGA Print Shop cannot accept KSU P-Cards for payment, therefore, an ePro requisition must be created, or another acceptable method may be used.

    • Purchases from the UGA print shop are exempt from the State Purchasing Act due to the exemption for goods or services provided through Intergovernmental or Inter-Agency agreements. (Notethat P-Cards may not be used for Intergovernmental or Inter-Agency agreement purchases.) 

    Departments may contact the UGA Print Shop directly to discuss needs and obtain a quote. Contact information for UGA’s University Printing is located at http://www.printing.uga.edu/contactus.html.

    General Information, Quotes and Questions please contact Laura Cropp, Printing Estimator, at:
    T: 706.542.3861
    F: 706.542.7200
    E: printing@uga.edu

    More complex questions and/or guidance may require contacting:
    Jeff Allen, UGA Print Shop Assistant Manager
    T: 706.542-7195
    E: hjallen@uga.edu 

    For quotes and additional support in utilizing the UGA Print Shop you may contact:
    Debi Huckaby, Sales and Marketing Representative
    T: 706.542.3198
    E: debihuck@uga.edu

    Georgia Correctional Industries (GCI)

    For permanent, outdoor signage, Georgia Correctional Industries is a viable source, according to DOAS. Also, a competitive solicitation is not required when purchasing from this state entity. For more information, please click here.

  • Exempt commodities or services do not require competitive bidding. However, it is expected that State employees will exercise due diligence in expending State funds by seeking fair and reasonable prices for all purchases. This may at times mean obtaining quotes from vendors for comparative purposes to ensure excellent quality and fair pricing.

    The State Exempt list is specific and lists exemptions in terms of commodity codes or NIGP codes. (NIGP is the National Institute of Government Purchasing). Only the items (and codes) listed are exempt. Related or similar items are not exempt if they are not listed.

    If you have any questions or are unsure as to whether a commodity or service is exempt, please send an e-mail to purchasing@kennesaw.edu for assistance.

  • Close coordination with and prior approval of Facilities Planning and Design Services is required when ordering new furniture, surplusing old furniture, moving furniture and ordering any office renovations. The Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) maintains several statewide contracts with many furniture vendors. KSU is required to utilize these contracts when ordering new furniture.

    Whenever you have additional questions and require assistance with purchasing, contact the Office of Procurement at:

    T: 470.578.6214
    E: purchasing@kennesaw.edu

  • The suppliers listed below are the preferred source(s) for promotional products as they have been awarded through a State-mandated competitive procurement process. In compliance with KSU's Visual Identity Program, the suppliers listed are licensed through Learfield Licensing Partners.

    If these suppliers do not meet your promotional items needs, you may select another supplier, registered with Learfield Licensing Partners, once justification documentation is submitted to the Office of Procurement and the cost is below $10,000. 

    • The KSU Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing has developed guidelines for various KSU designs, logos and typefaces on the KSU Visual Identity Program website.

      Merchandise or printed materials that incorporate University logos, service marks, or other University-related design elements must have the design/artwork pre-approved through the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing.  You should also request a review from the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing to alter existing approved brands or styles. 

      To obtain this approval, email your design ideas, concept and/or artwork to designapproval@kennesaw.edu prior to placing an order and/or making a purchase. After review, the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing will reply to the requesting department, indicating that:

      • The design is approved for use;
      • The design is approved with modifications; or
      • The design is not approved
    • Shirts and Apparel/Screen Printing/Embroidery
      Halo Branded Solutions, Inc.
      Promo Entertainment Group LLC
      Smile Cross, Inc. dba Smile Promotions
      The Target Group, Inc.

      Promotional Products
      Halo Branded Solutions, Inc.
      Positive Impact Advertising, Inc.
      Promo Entertainment Group LLC
      Smile Cross Inc. dba Smile Promotions
      The Target Group, Inc.

      Awards Atlanta, Inc.
      Midwest Trophy
      Promo Entertainment Group LLC
      The Target Group, Inc. 

      Supplier Contact Information

      Awards Atlanta, Inc.
      Contact:  Chuck Lisowski
      T: 404.634.5009 ext. 226
      F: 404.634.5003
      E: chuck@awardsatlanta.com

      Halo Branded Solutions, Inc.
      Contact:  Dianne Helliwell Peters
      T: 770.321.4747
      E: Dianne.helliwell@halo.com  

      Midwest Trophy
      Dba MTM Recognition Corp.
      Contact: Jeff Thompson
      T: 405.609.6844
      E: jthompson@mtmrecognition.com

      Positive Impact Advertising, Inc.
      Promotional Products | Tradeshow Items | Corporate Gifts | Branded Apparel
      Contact: Meghan McCreary
      T: 847.625.8629
      F: 847.625.8631
      E: mmccreary@positiveimpactadv.com

      Promo Entertainment Group, LLC.
      Contact:  Melanie McGovern
      T: 404.367.0350
      F: 404.367.0420
      E: melanie@promoentertainmentgroup.com

      Smile Cross dba Smile Promotions
      Contact:  Rula Hanania
      T: 812.219.9749
      F: 800.353.2608
      E: rhanania@smilepromotions.com  

      The Target Group, Inc.
      Contact:  Susan Broccolo
      T: 678.835.5819
      F: 678.835.5801
      E: susan@targetawards.com   


  • The University Information Technology Services (UITS) Technology Purchases website is the starting point to obtain required advance approvals and specifications for technology purchases, including:

    • Printers, Cellphones, PDAs, Storage devices, Monitors, Scanners, Keyboards, Mouse, PC Speakers, and Remote presenter tools
    • iPad Purchases
    • Applications (Desktop and Network), Off-site Hosting, and Software development
    • Audio-visual rentals, purchases, portable projectors, wireless microphones, audio-visual systems including (but not limited to) those that use I.R. (infrared) or R.F. (radio frequency) 

    On the UITS Technology Purchases website, click on the "Computers, Servers and Peripherals" link, complete the form and click "Submit" to obtain advance approval for technology purchases.

    UITS will contact the requester if additional information is needed. When UITS has a thorough understanding of the required equipment, they provide specifications and a price. The requester will then use the information provided by UITS to create a requisition using the eProcurement system.

E-Verify FAQs 

  • We are required to obtain an E-Verify Affidavit, also known as the Supplier Security and Immigration Affidavit, any time a purchase for services or labor exceeds a total amount of $2,499.99.

    O.C.G.A. §13-10-91(b)(1) states, in part, “A public employer shall not enter into a contract … for the physical performance of services unless the contractor registers and participates in the federal work authorization program. Before a bid for any such service is considered by a public employer, the bid shall include a signed, notarized affidavit from the contractor…

  • Clarification from DOAS’s State Purchasing Division (SPD) and the AG’s Office has been sought. However, in general, the advice provided by DOAS SPD is to “err on the side of caution and obtain the affidavit.” For the purposes of determining whether or not something is a good or a service, use this rule as a simple distinction: a good is tangible and a service is intangible. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact purchasing@kennesaw.edu or call 470.578-6214.

  • The Office of Procurement will obtain all required affidavits from vendors that are issued Purchase Orders (PO's) in PeopleSoft. However, to expedite the processing of a requisition, end-users may obtain the affidavits on their own and attach it to their requisition.
  • Yes, E-Verify rules apply to ALL purchases that meet the criteria listed in question number one above.
  • No. E-Verify requirements are different from bidding requirements. E-Verify affidavits are required for ALL purchases that meet the criteria listed above, even if they are considered an exempt commodity.
  • The Security and Immigration Compliance Affidavit form and related instructions can be found here.
  • Information regarding enrollment in the E-Verify program can be found via the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration website at http://www.uscis.gov/
  • This is the number issued by the E-Verify system to the vendor when they register.

OwlPay FAQs

Contracts FAQs

  • The threshold for purchases requiring competitive bidding that are non-exempt and do not already fall under an existing Statewide or Agency (KSU) Contract is anything above $24,999.99. This does not include Public Works Contracts, which the threshold is anything above $49,999.99.

  • You may reach out to Procurement either by email, purchasing@kennesaw.edu, or by phone, 470.578.6214

  • The length of time for a contract to be awarded to a supplier varies depending on the complexity of the solicitation. We would ask that you allow at least eight weeks for RFQs and sixteen weeks for RFPs. Again, the more complex the RFQ or RFP is, the longer it can take.
  • Per DOAS rules, emergencies do not require the use of a competitive solicitation, but they do require notification to Procurement within 24 hours so that we may coordinate with DOAS to allow work to begin immediately. Please reach out to Procurement as soon as possible to avoid any violations of State rules.
  • Effective July 1, 2013, an E-Verify affidavit is required:

    When a public employer makes a purchase that includes services or labor, and the total amount of a purchase exceeds $2,499.99.

    For more information on E-Verify, please click here.

Stationery FAQs

  • There are two ways to order business cards and stationery for your department. The first, and easiest way, is to use a Purchasing Card (P-Card). The second way, if your department does not have a P-Card, is to use a Purchase Order. Please note: whichever way you order stationery through More Business Solutions, you will not need Design Approval. This is the only type of purchase that uses the University’s name or logo that does not require Design Approval.

    • To see a list of current pricing, please click here
    • For a guide on how to place an order through the Stationery Portal, please click here
  • To place an order using a P-Card, navigate to the More Business Solutions ordering portal, found here. If you need to create an account, you can find the guide here. You will then create your order using the templates found on the portal, using the information for each person or department you are ordering for. At the checkout screen, you will choose Credit Card and enter your P-Card information to complete the order. 
  • You will need to create a Special Request requisition in order to be processed to a Purchase Order, which will then be used during the checkout portion in Step 2. The job aid for the Special Request requisition can be found here.

    When entering the Supplier ID, please use the following: 0000003397. This will be for “Moore Partners, Inc.”, which is the correct Supplier name. Please see this link for current stationery pricing. Once the requisition has been turned to a Purchase Order, continue to Step 2 to place your order. Note: Until the PO has been issued, the items you are purchasing through the stationery portal will not ship. You must complete Step 2 in order to have your items delivered.

    Stage 2 – Ordering Online Using the Purchase Order

    After receiving the Purchase Order number, please proceed to the More Business Solutions ordering portal, found here. Follow the Stationery Ordering Guide, which can be found here