What's New in Contract Compliance

  • How to Submit a Contract via the CMS: To access documentation that will walk you through how to submit a contract request in the Contract Management System, please click here.
    • This will take you to the UITS Documentation Center - in the left pane menu click on KSU Applications, then click Contract Management System.


The Contract Compliance Office is a department within the Office of Fiscal Services (OFS).  The responsibility of the department includes the following:

  • Receiving all contracts, memoranda of understanding, letters of agreement, lecture or performance agreements, licenses, terms and conditions, etc., related to all types of transactions, prior to being signed.
  • Ensure all required departments have reviewed the contract.
  • Notifying department of contract approval status.
  • Storing all contracts in the repository for the University.

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Contract Approval and Signatory Authority Policy