Contract Submission and Review Process

KSU Contract Management System

Proposed contracts must be submitted for review to the University’s Contract Compliance Office, via the Contract Management System, before they are signed. The submission process differs for non-procurement contracts (i.e. PeopleSoft Payment Request or purchases of less than $2,500, memorandum of understanding, affiliate agreements, game day contracts) and procurement contracts (e.g. purchases of any kind and leased equipment).

  • Non-procurement contracts are submitted by the requester/user directly into the Contract Management System.
  • Procurement contracts should be attached to the ePro requisition and will be reviewed as the ePro requisition is reviewed and approved by specialized departments, if applicable. Once the buyer receives the ePro requisition with the contract attached, your buyer partner will submit the contract with the ePro comments to the Contract Compliance unit via the Contract Management System so that Legal Affairs, Fiscal Services and the University Information Technology Services, if applicable, can complete a final review.

The approval by the Contracts Office must be obtained prior to the other party or University signing to the contract.

Purchase agreements of less than $2,500 being submitted through Payment Request or P-Card should be submitted by the department directly to Contract Compliance through the KSU Contract Management System.

Quotes, proposals, and statements or scopes of work, based on an existing university, interagency (i.e. USG) or statewide contract, should be submitted with your requisitions to Procurement, not Contract Compliance. Procurement will strike-through any terms and conditions listed on these items that are inconsistent with the existing contract. Remember, executed contracts have approved terms and conditions and the mechanism for changing contract terms is an amendment.

Exemptions to the review requirements of Contract Compliance can be found here.

Contract Compliance ensures that each contract receives all the applicable reviews and approvals, and provides final approval of the contract, which is required prior to signing the contract.

All outside vendors (non-KSU Students, Faculty, and Staff) will register or update their information using one of the following forms:

Please note that this form requires a KSU login to access and should be returned to Vendor Registration using one of the methods below, as it contains sensitive information:

  • Scanned and uploaded to DocuSign.
  • Mail the completed form to MD 9110, addressed to Vendor Registration
  • Upload the completed form to the secure file transfer site Jirafeau ( Once uploaded, a password can be set and the generated links can be submitted in ServiceNow via 
  • Upload the completed form to the secure file site Send-a-File. Once uploaded, add on the To line and select the box "Recipients + Domains" under the section Access Restriction.
  • The form can also be submitted to Vendor Registration in ServiceNow.

If the vendor wishes to mail the form directly to Vendor Registration, they can do so using the following address:

Kennesaw State University
Attn: Supplier Registration
Office of Fiscal Services
3391 Town Point Drive
Suite 3700, MD 9110
Kennesaw, GA 30144
      • Software, telecommunications, wireless systems, electronics, computer-related equipment, multi-media
      • Purchase of tangible items and supplies
      • Consulting services
      • Artistic performances, entertainment activities or equipment
      • Facility Use Agreement or any agreement for the use of property for a specified time or event, or lease agreements
      • Public lodging, including hotel agreements and travel-related agreements
      • Lecturers and guest speakers
      • Work required to keep existing facilities or equipment in their existing operational state
      • An agreement to provide access to a benefit through association or participation, including online subscriptions
      • Construction-related contracts or modifications that changes the character, scope, or size of the original structure, facility, utility or improved area
      • Represents gratuitous funds or items given to KSU or one of the KSU foundations / associations
      • A partnership between the University or one of the foundations with another entity for the purpose of education, internships, research or sharing of resources
      • Financial support of a University event or activity that provides a benefit to the sponsor (mainly being recognized as a sponsor)
      • Contract types and services not otherwise specified
  • Prior to submitting a contract for review (and even if the contract is exempt from the review/approval requirement by Contract Compliance) the initiating department must review the contract and focus on the business implications of the terms and conditions of the contract.  The initiating department must determine what it can or cannot agree to, and what needs to be negotiated with the contractor/vendor.  Examples for issues to consider during this review include:

    • The contract terms and conditions, including duties of the parties, are correct, clear, consistent, and acceptable to KSU and the department.
    • Collaboration and/or approval by any other KSU department that will assist with the implementation of the services or product, or is affected by the contract.
    • The college, department, or unit has the necessary funds and resources for this contract. The college, department, or unit may check fund availability through e-Pro or the Office of Budget and Planning.
    • The contract is appropriate and serves the department’s mission and responsibilities.
    • The services provided are the most feasible for the University in terms of quality and cost.
    • The contract includes the entire understanding between the parties, without additional oral explanations or promises that are not included in this contract.
  • During the review process, contracts are reviewed by various administrative offices to ensure that the university can meet the terms of the contract and to ensure compliance with laws, rules, regulations and KSU specific policies and procedures.

    For example, the purchase of equipment, depending on the size of the item, energy requirements, technology, emissions and cost require a multiple department review.  For installation, Facility reviews the space and energy requirements; UITS reviews the technology needs for integration, interface, security; Environmental Health and Safety reviews the type of emissions and possible noise level, Procurement reviews the cost and determines the best method for buying the item or whether it is exempt from State Procurement rules, i.e. Technical Instruments, Library books and materials.

    As part of this process, all contracts are reviewed by the Office of Fiscal Services and Legal Affairs to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.  When applicable, Risk Management reviews contracts to suggest insurance requirements and advise on risk to the campus and its constituents. 

    During the review process, if any reviewing department has questions, they will contact the initiating department directly.  Once they have finished their review of the contract, they will notify the Contract Compliance Office of the status and will send any necessary modifications/addendums to the Contract Compliance Office.

  • Once all revisions are incorporated or appended to the contract, the Contract Compliance Office will e-mail the initiating department with one of the following notification types, along with any applicable modification attachments, and an assigned KSU contract number:

    • The contract has received final approval and the appropriate signature authority may sign the contract; or
    • The contract has received final approval with modifications; or
    • The contract is not approved and cannot be signed.

    If a contract is approved without modifications, KSU and the vendor may sign the approved version of contract. Depending on the contract, the contract may be signed by the initiating department or routed by them to the appropriate signature authority for signature.

    If a contract is approved with modifications, the initiating department and vendor will need to agree to the changes. Once agreed, both parties may:

    • Fully accept the changes if redline modifications were made, and sign the contract;
    • KSU and the vendor may sign the contract. Depending on the contract, the contract may be signed by the initiating department or routed by them to the appropriate signature authority for signature. Any modifications that are not finalized will need to be initialed by the both parties.
    • However, if a vendor does not accept KSU’s modifications or proposes new modifications, the initiating department will e-mail the new version of the contract, (referencing the existing KSU contract number), so that the vendor’s modifications can be reviewed as needed. In some cases, the terms of the contract may need to be negotiated with the vendor in consultation with Legal Affairs. 


  • Pre-approved templates are standardized contract documents approved by the Contract Compliance unit of the Office of Procurement & Contracts. There are two (2) types of pre-approved templates:

    1. University templates and
    2. College/Department templates. 

    University templates are approved for use by all colleges and departments. College and department specific templates may only be used by the college or department which received the approval from Contract Compliance.

    Regardless of the type of template, all contracts created based on unmodified, pre-approved templates must be fully signed and submitted to the Contract Compliance Office prior to the event or service.

    University Pre-Approved Templates are as follows:

    • Artistic Performance Agreement Packet
    • KSU Data Confidentiality Addendum
    • Lecture Agreement Packet
    • Travel Expense Rider

    Each of the pre-approved templates can be found in the Contract Management System under "View My Templates" on the bottom left side of the homepage.

  • The Procurement office will obtain the required signatures (supplier and KSU) on contracts for purchases.  The Contract Compliance office will copy the initiating department on contract approvals sent to your Buyer Partner.  The Buyer will send the contract to the supplier for signature, subsequent to consulting with you on any changes to the contract.  Contract changes may be requested by the contract reviewing departments, i.e. Procurement, Facilities, Strategic Communications, Human Resources, University Information Technology Services or Legal Affairs.

    For non-procurement contracts, the requestor will upload the fully executed contract through the Contract Management System using the ‘Signature’ tab of the contract record.  Once uploaded, it will be added to the University repository.

    If the signed contract is an unmodified standard KSU contract template that did not require the review process outlined above, you must submit a fully signed contract, including riders or attachments, using the Contract Management System. 


KSU Contract Management System