• All Pre-Approved Templates must be submitted to the Contract Compliance Office prior to the event

  • The State Purchasing Department (SPD), a division of the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) establishes Statewide Contracts for items and services that almost all government entities in Georgia need to buy; for example, computers and maintenance supplies. By soliciting these items/services on behalf of the entire state, SPD is able to obtain more competitive pricing and save entities like KSU the time and resources involved in soliciting the items/services on their own. When the item or service you need to buy is available on a Statewide Contract, you don’t need to worry about the time or hassle involved in bidding the items or services: SPD has already done the bidding for you.

    Statewide Contracts — State of Georgia Statewide Contracts to be used by KSU

    Statewide Telecom Contractors

    Managed Software Distribution (Software Resources and Services)

    Microcomputer and Peripherals, Workstations, and Software Contracts Home Page

  • Per Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) rules regarding non-exempt, annual cumulative purchases over $24,999.99, a University (Agency) Contract is required if a Statewide Contract is not already in place.

    Certain items that are required for normal University operations are not covered by a Statewide Contract. State Entities—like KSU—may establish University Contracts in order to procure those needed items. University Contracts work similar to Statewide Contracts, except only the University that established the University Contract can purchase from it, unless the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS), the issuing university, and the contractor unanimously agree that another university may "piggyback" on the contract.

    KSU establishes University Contracts for items and services when either:

    1. One department needs large quantities of an item; or
    2. A recurring, on-going service; or multiple departments need to buy the same item or service.

    One example is KSU's promotional items contracts. By soliciting these items/services on behalf of the entire campus, KSU is able to obtain more competitive pricing and save people on campus the time and hassle involved in releasing competitive bids every time there is a need to buy a product or service.

    For more information on how to set up a University Contract or current KSU University Contracts, please contact the Office of Procurement either by phone (470) 578-6214 or by email:

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