Faculty/Staff Services

  • Cashiers Cannot Accept a Deposit without a Completed Deposit Transmittal

    All money received should be deposited to the Bursar’s Office daily (located in Kennesaw Hall). Do not forward any deposit through campus mail. Note our busy time of the day is from Noon to 3:30 pm, and there may be a longer wait for service.

    Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm.

    1. Complete top part of deposit transmittal accordingly.
    2. Indicate detail codes and total amount to be deposited into this account.
      • Note – It is not necessary to itemize each item if they are for the same detail code
    3. Add all amounts and indicate this total on the total line in middle of form.
    4. Complete bottom half of transmittal by indicating total of each money type.
    5. Add all amounts of money type(s) and indicate this total on the Total Deposit line.
    6. Note – Both totals must equal.
    7. If not, any over/ short must be indicated on bottom of transmittal.
      • Note – Any overages/shortages in excess of $5.00 must be acknowledged with an explanation from the department head
  • All money turned in with deposit must be sorted by money type.

    1. Checks must be payable in United States currency and drawn from a financial institution located in the United States of America (the University reserves the right to determine the acceptability of all checks).
    2. Checks must be endorsed with department stamp or manually written. (For deposit only – Dept name)
    3. Checks are bundled together with two calculator tapes.
    4. Credit Card Charges are bundled separately with one calculator tape.
    5. Cash is also bundled separately with one calculator tape (Coins must be rolled, if enough)
  • Attach any backup necessary to reference the deposit.

    1. Yellow copy of receipt (Receipt book must accompany deposit for verification)
    2. Check stubs
    3. Explanation of deposit
    4. Cash register tape(s)