Health Insurance

The University System of Georgia (USG) contracted with UnitedHealthcare® to provide the mandatory student health insurance.

USG requires institutional participation in the Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) for specific groups of students to ensure that they have access to student health insurance. Additional information may be found at:

USG SHIP Website


Students who can demonstrate they have a qualifying policy through a spouse, employer, or other source may request to waive participation in the USG-SHIP. Waiver requests must be submitted each term. To determine if your policy qualifies for a waiver and/or confirm your USG-SHIP enrollment and receive a health insurance card, please click on the waiver form:

Waiver Form


To keep the Student Health Insurance (How do I Enroll or Print an ID Card):

Enrollment Form

Important Note: Waivers and early Enrollment can only be completed after the student account has been charged for insurance.

Voluntary (Optional) SHIP Enrollment

While some students are required to be enrolled in a health insurance plan and/or have insurance that meets the minimum standards, optional enrollment in SHIP is also available to all students, their spouse and their dependents. For more information:

United Health Care-Kennesaw State University SHIP