The mission of the Office of Fiscal Services is to ensure the optimal accounting, monitoring, and reporting of the institution’s financial resources in order to achieve the goals outlined in the University’s strategic plan.

Our responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provide quality customer service to the University’s students, faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • Receive and disburse the University’s funds in a timely, accurate, and reliable manner.
  • Deliver accurate and timely financial analysis and information to support decision-making.
  • Safeguard and manage the University’s financial assets in compliance with regulatory requirements. 

KSU receives Award of Distinction for Excellent Financial Reporting

Service Areas

  • The Accounting team is part of the Office of Fiscal Services (OFS) and is responsible for compiling and reviewing all financial reporting for the University including the Annual Financial Report (AFR). The team is also responsible for finance and accounting compliance and internal controls, which includes: audit coordination; risk assessment; treasury and cash management; and the following:

    • Agency Accounts
    • Asset Management
    • Bank Wires
    • General Ledger
    • International Services
    • Supplier Registration
    • Compliance

    We are committed to providing accurate and timely financial reports and ensuring the University is compliant with Federal, State, Board of Regents (BOR) and University policies and procedures.

  • The Accounts Payable (AP) team is part of the Accounting Operations department within the Office of Fiscal Services (OFS). The AP team is responsible for efficiently processing non-payroll disbursements to employees, students, and vendors. The team is committed to making timely payments, ensuring appropriate controls, and courteously providing information to the campus community.

  • The Office of Budget and Planning (OBP) is a department within the Office of Fiscal Services (OFS). Our responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Preparation of the University’s annual budget
    • Maintaining and monitoring the budget throughout the fiscal year, including budget amendments
    • Preparing periodic projections and forecasts
    • Providing accurate and prompt reports and information to the University community regarding budgetary and other financial matters
  • The goal of the Bursar's Office is to ensure financial integrity in the receipt, collection and deposit of all revenues, including tuition and fees, while providing a high degree of customer service to the students, faculty and staff of Kennesaw State University. We are committed in our endeavor to find new and improved ways to meet this goal. 

    The responsibilities of the team in the Bursar's Office include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Student Account Services – tuition and fee assessments, billing, payments and refunds
    • Perkins and Institutional Loans – administration and collections
    • Departmental receipt, billing and deposit of all revenues
  • The Contracts Office is a department within the Office of Fiscal Services (OFS).  The responsibility of the department includes the following:

    • Receiving all contracts, memoranda of understanding, letters of agreement, lecture or performance agreements, licenses, terms and conditions, etc., related to all types of transactions, prior to being signed.
    • Ensure all required departments have reviewed the contract.
    • Notifying department of contract approval status.
    • Storing all contracts in the repository for the University.


  • Payroll Services prepares and distributes all University payrolls, ensures University compliance with all payroll operations rules and regulations, and maintains required records and reports.

    The Payroll team is here to assist with:

    • Timely processing of payroll based on schedules published on our web site
    • Using the Time and Labor Reporting application
    • Accessing pay stubs, annual tax statements, and tax reporting
    • Direct deposit processing
    • Departmental expense reporting and labor allocations.
  • The mission of the Office of Procurement is to acquire quality goods and services in a timely manner, at the best possible value, to support the University’s objectives in achieving excellence in education, engagement, and innovation.

    Our responsibilities include the following:

    • Manage the University’s procurement and strategic sourcing efforts.
    • Administer the PeopleSoft Financials e-Procurement (ePro) system and Purchasing Card (P-Card) program.
    • Oversee supplier relations for business opportunities with the University.
    • Monitor internal controls of purchasing transactions to ensure compliance with all purchasing policies of the State of Georgia, Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, and the University.
  • The Kennesaw State University (KSU) Travel Team is part of the Accounting Operations department within the Office of Fiscal Services (OFS). The team is responsible for providing support to KSU employees for policy, procedure, Concur usage and expense reporting related to University travel.

    KSU employees utilize Concur as part of the state-wide TeamWorks Travel and Expense system, which is supported by the State Accounting Office to manage their KSU travel authorizations, bookings, and expense reporting.

  • Here you will find information on how to change your tuition classification to Resident or if you qualify for an out-of-state tuition waiver. We also help students update their immigration status if it changes while they are enrolled. 

    • Board of Regents Policy on tuition classification
    • How to change your tuition classification from Non-Resident to Resident
    • Out-of-State tuition waivers
    • Immigration status changes