Travel the World

  • Combining business and personal travel is allowable, if the personal travel does not cause the University additional cost. Cost comparisons should be done at the time of booking. A search should be done in Concur for the business travel only. Screenshots or printouts of these pages must be kept as documentation of the cost. The cost comparison should be attached to the travel request. Personal travel also requires written pre-approval from your supervisor. Travel arrangements must be made to accommodate the business duties of the traveler and not personal preference. Rental vehicles may only be used for official State business. The state liability policy is only in effect while the employee is using the rented vehicle for official State business. Friends, family members or pets are prohibited from riding in a State rented vehicle.
  • All employee airfare and rental vehicles should be booked in Concur or by calling Travel Inc. Lodging should be booked through Concur with the exception of conference travel. If you are able to obtain a conference rate for lodging by booking directly with the hotel, this is allowable.
  • Yes, you are still required to follow all State of Georgia, Board of Regents and Kennesaw State Travel Policies. If it is determined, that your travel caused an additional cost to the University, you will be asked to return the funds to the Bursar’s Office.
  • All employees are required to make reservations through the Concur or Travel Inc.  per statewide Travel Policy.  Contact Travel Inc. for assistance with difficult international itineraries or assistance with finding the best price.

    Address any Travel Policy Exceptions prior to the trip start date.  You must send an email to the department manager requesting approval and provide clear business purpose for the exception.  Forward the manager’s approval email to the Travel at for review.

  • Upgrades are allowable for international flights with prior approval from your manager and the President’s office. The Travel Department will facilitate the approval from the President’s Office. Send your request to prior to booking the upgrade.
  • Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway will be considered for international travel. Send your request to for a determination.

  • Yes, state policy does allow lodging reservations outside of Concur when obtaining a conference rate.
    • All international rentals must be completed through Hertz.
    • If Hertz does not have any vehicles or does not have a location nearby, contact the Travel department at 470-578-4394 for assistance.
    • Bookings must be made in Concur or by contacting Travel Inc. (770-291-5190) to be direct billed to the University.   
    • Fuel Service, refueling, navigation and satellite radio options must be declined. These expenses are non-reimbursable.
    • The allowable vehicle classes are Compact, Intermediate or Full size. Vans may be rented if there are 4 or more travelers. Vans up to 12-passenger must be rented through Hertz.
    • International car rentals do not fall within the State liability coverage.  Therefore, additional coverage should be accepted and is reimbursable for international rentals only.
    • If you did not receive a final receipt, please obtain the receipt from the Hertz website for the country of travel. 
  • The per diem rate is based on your location. You can find the current rates for your destination here. You will only receive 75% on the first and last day of travel. Incidentals will be included in your per diem amount.
  • Yes! There is no salary threshold for international travel. The cash advance should be requested through Concur at least 5 days prior to travel but no more than 30 days.
  • Receipts must be kept for expenses $25.00 or more. Receipts are required for the following regardless or dollar amount: Airline fares, hotel expenses, rental car expenses, meals unless claiming per diem, rail fares, registration fees, and visa/passport fees. Receipts should show name and address of the vendor, date of service, description of goods/service and amount paid for each individual item.
  • You should preferably submit your expenses within 10 days of your trip completion but no later than 45 days. Expenses submitted after 60 days from the trip completion will be considered taxable income.
  • Please click here to review the how-to guides and videos for creating an expense report. If you need further assistance, contact the Travel team at 470-578-4394.
  • Any available expenses should be imported into the expense report for the trip where the expenses were incurred.
  • No, do not enter these expenses on your expense report. Since another accounts payable tool has already processed these expenses, reporting in Concur would create a duplicate entry on your department's budget.
  • Your default manager will automatically be included. You should add your business manager as well. If you have expenses allocated to a different speed chart/budget, you should include the approvers for that budget as well. All approvers should be entered before the back-office approval.