Policies and Procedures

Kennesaw State University adheres to all policies set by the University System of Georgia and Board of Regents.  Kennesaw State University has determined the need to expand on these policies and has documented such instances at Kennesaw State University’s internal policy page.  Links to the University System of Georgia policy and business procedures are located below.

  • State of Georgia Accounting Office Travel Policy – This policy provides the primary guidance and requirements for state employees for payment of travel expenses in an efficient, cost effective manner.  Please review prior to planning a trip, as these guidelines are reviewed for each expense report submitted.  The policies enable state travelers to successfully execute their travel requirements at the lowest reasonable costs, resulting in the best value for the State.
  • Office of Planning and Budget Cash Advance Policy – A travel advance is available to cover out-of-pocket costs for eligible employees for approved KSU business travel.  Please review this policy to understand the qualifications and personal responsibility in accepting an advance prior to submitting a cash advance request. 
  • University System of Georgia Business Procedures Manual – This policy provides additional clarity and any variance from the State of Georgia travel policy for university employee and non-employee travelers.  In some instances, such as single day meal per diems, the USG applies a more stringent interpretation of travel requirements.
  • Kennesaw State University – This policy defines additional travel policy and documentation requirements for Kennesaw State University employees. An example includes the requirement the use of Concur for travel booking.