Student Resources

Checklist for Student Group Travel

  • Yes, Section 19.9 of the Board of Regent Business Procedures Manual (BPM) discusses non-employee travel. Students are subject to the allowable limits and conditions as discussed in the BPM. The only exception is that students are not able to book their travel through Concur.

  • Yes, however, they will need to complete a cost comparison to show it will not cause an additional cost to the University. The cost comparison should be completed at the time of booking and be submitted with the expense report.

  • Student should book Economy class airfare. If they would like to upgrade their airfare, they may do so at their own expense. 
  • Yes, non-employee travel expenses such as airfare, lodging and registration can be paid for with a P-Card.
  • Per diem for students is the same as employees. The rates can be found at the following links:

  • Yes, please review the information on the Insurance and Risk Management website for additional information on training requirements.

  • A trip registration form is required from the Department of Student Activities. The form can be found here.

  • The Allowable Cost Matrix states that student travel “Must be for presentation of official research or academic project completed while an active student or for acceptance of an academic award earned while an active student. Travel expenses should be submitted and completed no later than one semester's time after student's graduation.”

    Conference attendance is not an allowable business purpose. Please contact for any questions regarding allowability.