Getting Started

Please note: As of December 3, 2018, the link to access PeopleSoft / ePro is now Select GeorgiaFIRST Financials under Core Users instead of Self-Service when accessing the updated website location. Your user ID and password will now be your net ID and password. 

What is eProcurement, aka "ePro"?

PeopleSoft Financials contains a module used by Kennesaw State University to procure items using taxpayer dollars and grant funding. eProcurement, or ePro, is that "electronic procurement" module.

To use this module, a requester or approver role must be assigned. Requesters submit orders for their department(s), and approvers review those submissions; both of these roles make sure purchases are necessary and allowable. For the more complicated ePro Special Requests, there are entire teams in the Office of Fiscal Services dedicated to assisting with properly submitting requisitions, creating contracts, and following state requirements for purchases that may require a formal bidding process.

Gaining Access to PeopleSoft Financials

Access to PeopleSoft is managed in partnership with the PeopleSoft Security Administration Team in UITS and the OFS Administrators. The Financials Access Form must be completed annually by all requesters and approvers.

In order to fill out the PeopleSoft Financials Access Form, an active KSU Connect login is needed. To begin the process to request KSU Connect access, please click here.

Financial Access Forms:

  1. Requester / Approver Forms:
  2. Access to P-Card/Works® can be found here


Business Manager Approval Change Request

For changes to existing Business Manager setups, contact confirming a change is requested and provide the department number(s)/name(s) and Business Manager’s name.

Budget Manager Change Request

To change the name, division prefix, or manager of a department or project, please complete the Budget Department Request Form, which is located on the Budget Office's forms page.