State and University Contracts

Statewide Mandatory and Convenience Contracts

  • State entities are required to use mandatory statewide contracts, unless a written waiver is granted by the State Purchasing Division (SPD). Similar to Convenience Statewide Contracts, Mandatory Statewide Contracts are not limited by dollar amount.
  • State entities may, but are not required to, use a convenience statewide contract. They offer several benefits in terms of saving time and ensuring compliance with procurement rules, as pricing and contract terms have already been finalized, and are not limited by dollar amount.


A complete list of Statewide contracts can be found on the Team Georgia Marketplace. Please note that the User Name and Password are both “tgmguest" (all lowercase and without quotes), as shown below:



University Contracts

Below is a list of University (Agency) Contracts awarded by Kennesaw State University, each owned by the department(s) listed. If you have any questions, please contact the person listed in the "KSU Contact" column for each contract. 

List of University Contracts