Active Contracts and Exempt Purchases

  • Click here to be taken to our purchasing procedures one-sheet, it is a synopsis of our purchasing process.

    • SWCM: Statewide Contract - Mandatory - Use of these contracts are required unless a waiver is received from DOAS.
    • SWCC: Statewide Contract - Convenience - Use of these contracts are optional. However, a competitive solicitation may be required – click here for our Competitive Solicitation Policy. In the policy portal, either search the name of the policy or look under Fiscal Services.
  • Exempt commodities or services do not require competitive bidding. The State Exempt List is specific and lists exemptions in terms of commodity codes or NIGP codes. (NIGP is the National Institute of Government Purchasing). Only the items (and codes) listed are exempt. Related or similar items are not exempt if they are not listed.

    If you have any questions or are unsure as to whether a commodity or service is exempt, please send an e-mail to for assistance.

  • Departments should contact Human Resources (HR) before attempting to hire a temporary employee. HR approval is required to determine whether the individual is a current or past employee of the University System of Georgia, and if that is the case, whether you can proceed with the hiring. After consultation with HR, you may post a requisition for temporary position in OneUSG or use one of the eight statewide contracts for non-licensed professions or support staff.

    Please reference this Temporary Services Statewide Contracts chart for more information.

  • A complete list of Statewide contracts can be found on the Team Georgia Marketplace. Please note that the User Name and Password are both “tgmguest" (all lowercase and without quotes), as shown below:

    TGM Login

  • Solicitation Requests:
    New contracts valued at $25,000 or more can only be developed through a formal solicitation process. Before completing the Request for Solicitation, please check the List of University Contracts and Contracts in Progress below. If you don't see the good or service you need on either list, please proceed with your request using the Request for Solicitation link.

    Click here to Request a Solicitation

    Once you've submitted this request, a Contracting Officer or Manager will follow-up with you to determine the best purchasing method to fit your time frame and service need.

    Below is a list of University (Agency) Contracts awarded by Kennesaw State University, each owned by the department(s) listed. If you have any questions, please contact the person listed in the "KSU Contact" column for each contract.