Supplier Registration Forms

  • Faculty, Staff and Students of KSU: Supplier Registration Form (updated March 5, 2021)
  • All outside suppliers (non-KSU Faculty/Staff/Students): 
  • Due to sensitive information, please use one of the below methods to return either form to Vendor Registration:
    • Scanned and uploaded to DocuSign. More information about DocuSign can be found here.
    • Mail the completed form to MD 9110, addressed to Vendor Registration
    • Upload the completed form to the secure file site Send-a-File. Once uploaded, add on the To line and select the box "Recipients + Domains" under the section Access Restriction. 
    • The form can also be submitted to Vendor Registration in ServiceNow.
  • Please click here to view the different document management programs available to faculty, staff, and students. This page also includes the Document Management Matrix, which outlines the method for submitting confidential information.

Procurement - Supplier Information and Notifications


Internal Use Only

Other Helpful Financial Forms

  • For the Lecture Agreement, Performance Agreement, or Travel Expense Rider forms, please log into the Contract Management System and click on "View My Templates" on the bottom left side of the homepage.
  • Travel-related forms can be found here. Forms related to Accounts Payable can be found here.
  • For Delegation of Authority forms for financial systems, i.e. PeopleSoft, ePro, Payment Request, Concur, and Works, click here (Financial Compliance).
  • For food purchase information, click here (Financial Compliance).