Vendor/Supplier Registration

  • New vendors must be registered with Payment Works. To send an invitation through Payment Works, which will verify the information submitted, please click here.
  • Existing vendors must also first register with Payment Works prior to any edits to their setup. The job aid for sending an invitation to new vendors would also apply for first-time setup of existing vendors.
    • Vendors wishing to change their information (bank account, shipping/remit locations, etc.) will log in through Payment Works after setting up their profile and no longer need to fill out a Supplier Authorization Form. 
    • Click here for a list of sample questions that are asked when setting up a vendor account for verification by PaymentWorks. Please note that without completion of this step, the company information cannot be verified by PaymentWorks and the process will be stalled until completed.
  • Status definitions for PaymentWorks invitations

Procurement - Supplier Registration and Notifications


Internal Use Only

Other Helpful Financial Forms

  • For the Lecture Agreement, Performance Agreement, or Travel Expense Rider forms, click here (Office of Contract Compliance).
  • For Travel-related forms or Supplier Registration for Employee or Student Reimbursement, click here.
  • For Delegation of Authority forms for financial systems, i.e. PeopleSoft, Owlpay, Concur and Works, click here (Financial Compliance).
  • For food purchase information, click here (Financial Compliance).