Purchasing Card Frequently Asked Questions

  • Managers (Approving Officials) should request the P-Card for their staff member.  Once notified, the P-Card Administrator will advise the staff person of the steps needed to obtain a card, which are listed below. 

    1. The employee completes the P-Card Request and Change Form located in KSU Connect with the assistance of Job Aid PC1.
    2. The P-Card Administrator will ask Human Resources to run a credit check and background check. Note: HR will only advise the P-Card Administrator of Pass/Fail.
    3. The employee completes the P-Card training located OwlTrain and notifies the P-Card Administrator.
  • Upcoming training sessions can be found under the Training section of the Fiscal Services website.
  • Please allow 7-10 business days. You will be notified by email the card arrives.
  • Sign the back of the card, and call the number located on the card to activate it.  When activating the card, please use the verification number and verification phone number listed on the sticker below the card.  Always keep the card in a secure place.  Although the card is issued in your name, it is the property of Kennesaw State University and must only be used for University purchases.
  • You may contact the P-Card Specialist or P-Card Administrator with any questions that you may have regarding the P-Card Program.
  • Email or call the P-Card Administrator.  Provide supplier, charge amount, reason for charge, and date the charge was attempted.
  • Sometimes suppliers do not provide packing slips, or the items are shipped to a separate KSU location, so the cardholder does not have the packing slip.  The cardholder can either sign the receipt and indicate that the items have been received, or they can provide a picture of the shipping label.
  • The Cardholder is responsible for contacting the supplier for a copy of any missing invoices/receipts. If one cannot be obtained by contacting the supplier, the Missing Receipt Form may be prepared with the necessary information and signed by both the cardholder and supervisor/approving official. The Missing Receipt Form can be found by clicking this link.

    As a matter of internal control, the Missing Receipt Form should only be used for a maximum of three (3) times a Fiscal Year.

  • Notify Bank of America at (800) 822-5985 to report lost or stolen cards.
  • It is the Cardholder’s responsibility to initiate action to resolve such issues. Any errors and/or issues should be handled directly with the supplier, not Bank of America; unless in cases of fraudulent activity/charges.  If you are unable to resolve disputes with the supplier, you may contact Bank of America at (866) 500-8262 to dispute the transaction(s). 

    If the transactions are fraudulent, please notify Bank of America immediately at (866) 500-8262.
  • Yes, transactions made with institutional funds for institutional purposes can be reimbursed by grant/gift funds from the Foundation without violating O.C.G.A §50-5-83 or the State P-Card Policy.
  • Yes, if your new position is to backfill a vacant card, the card may transfer with you. The P-Card Administrator must be notified of this change and all changes affecting the cardholder.
  • No, sharing card number or card information for use is not allowable. Transactions should be processed by the Cardholder only, as cards are not issued to a department or College.
  • No, fuel is not considered an acceptable purchase. Fuel cards are issued by the Facilities department for this purpose.
  • For credit limit increases, you must complete the DOAS Special Approval Request Form and provide supporting documentation for all current and future purchases for the present cycle. 

    On the form, please provide the business purpose in the justification field.

  • For single transaction limit increases, you must complete the DOAS Special Approval Request Form and a shopping cart, quote, or invoice for the items that will be purchased. 

    The documentation provided must contain the name of the supplier.  On the form, please provide the business purpose in the justification field.

  • If Bank of America has closed your account due to fraud, a new card will be issued and mailed to the P-Card Administrator.  You will be notified once the card is ready for pickup.
  • Bank of America sends your renewal card in the mail, typically 1 month prior to expiration to the P-Card Administrator.  At the receipt of the card, the P-Card Administrator will notify you that a new credit check is needed, along with a renewal form. 

    Both the renewal form, clearance from HR on the credit check, and a new P-Card agreement are needed to proceed with the renewal.  You will then be notified that the new card is ready for pickup.

  • Job Aid PC3, Processing the Monthly Statement Detail Report in Works, has been created to assist with printing the statement report.
  • Due to security reasons, only the cardholder is allowed to pick up cards.
  • Yes, cardholders should create an account that reflects their departments “billing and ship to” information. Also, upload a copy of the University's tax exemption form.
  • The following is a list of items that can NOT be purchased on the card. If you have any questions whether an item can be purchased on the P-card, please call our office before you charge the card.

    • Including prescriptions, OTCs (over-the-counter medicines), and First Aid Kits that contain over-the-counter medicines.
    • Exception allows for these type purchases within the College of Science and Math specifically intended for use in classroom, lab and/or instructional/research settings.
    • Any tangible item that is valued at $3,000 or above per item.  The total amount of the purchase includes shipping/freight fees and installation fees and is not limited to equipment, IT/AV hardware, fixtures/signs, and furniture.
    • Seek alternative funding source (i.e.: employee donations or collections, Foundation, etc.)
    • Allowable up to $75.00 with prior approval from service.kennesaw.edu/ofs.
    • Car/van rentals must be secured using the Mandatory Statewide Contract and direct billed to the University, regardless of the use of the rental including use for student activities. This includes all expenses related to car/van rentals.
    • Including those received through teller machines, banks, or as “cash back” at the time of transaction.
    • Unless all-inclusive (not a separate selection) with the registration fees.
    • Including personal smart phones, laptops, computers, and tablets, even if utilized for University business.
    • Including holiday and special event decorations for offices or employee work areas
    • Including airfare, lodging, car rentals, airport shuttles, taxis, meals, special events, entertainment, parking, and other travel-related incidentals. See Concur TMS - https://www.concursolutions.com/
    • Exception for officially sanctioned Student Activities/Events
    • Exception for artificial flowers/plants for common and/or reception areas
    • No exceptions
    • Including fuel for University/State-owned vehicles and Rental vehicles
    • Including for students and/or non-employees
    • Including cards expressing holiday wishes, sympathy, birthday, wedding, retirement, congratulations, best wishes, get well, etc.
    • Including The Commons, KSU Bookstore, KSU Mall, KSU Catering, KSU Printing, and KSU hosted/sponsored events.
    • Including operating or capital leases for equipment, rentals, and property.
    • Unless for the use of university-related business or required for employment (notary stamps, training, and/or licenses)
    • Including consulting services, honorariums, speaker fees, temporary staffing, temporary labor, doctors, lawyers, and any type of labor for routine repairs/maintenance/installation.
    • Refer to DOAS Office of Fleet Management. Exception for washing/detailing services on University owned vehicles
    • Must process using ePro due to contract requirements including deposits, final payments, insurance, E-Verify, and terms & conditions
    • Computers, laptop computers, monitors, printers (including combo printer/scanner/copier/fax), scanners, servers. Including data plans, projectors, screens, software, or applications (apps) for non-State Entity issued devices including but not limited to smart phones, laptop computers, and tablets.

      These type purchases are required to be secured using ePro as they are tagged/inventoried items.

    • Must process using ePro due to contract requirements including deposits, final payments, insurance, E-Verify, CDL requirements, and terms & conditions
    • Including electric, gas, water, etc.
    • Including autos, golf carts, mowers, etc.
    • Including Sam’s, Costco, BJ’s Warehouse, Amazon Prime, etc.
  • Yes, UITS has indicated that all technology-based items would require review and approval.
  • Yes, written confirmation must be added to the statement packet that indicates that the eBook was downloaded to a KSU owned device.
  • We conduct a spend analysis on cards annually.  After reviewing the spend analysis, we work with the department to determine if the card is needed and if the spend limits are sufficient based on prior year spend.
  • If the item being purchase is not part of the contracted services or goods, contract review is needed.  The contract would need to be submitted through the Contract Management System.
  • No, if the book is not intended for resale, it can be purchased outside of KSU Bookstore.
  • If a quote/invoice contains Terms & Conditions, a section to acknowledge stipulations, and/or agree to their policies, and there is a place for your initials or full signature, then the document does need to be reviewed by Contract Compliance and could potentially be adjusted to meet KSU standards.

    • Note that this does not include registrations where a signature is required. 

    If there is checkbox to click online with wording like “I have read and understand the terms and conditions…” or “By clicking this checkbox I acknowledge…”, and there is no initial or signature required, then Contract Compliance is not required as those Terms & Conditions cannot be changed. 

    A list of exemptions to contract review can be found here.

  • Items for student groups and groups outside of KSU that do not contain the KSU logo do not require review and approval by Design Approval.