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Year-end deadlines are provided to prepare for a successful close in Fiscal Year 2024.

**If your department has internal deadlines earlier than those noted, please adhere to your college/department’s fiscal, grant or business manager’s deadline. 




Service Areas

  • Procurement and Payment Services includes Accounts Payable (AP) and Travel, and Procurement.

    The Procurement office handles all purchasing functions for the University with a goal to acquire quality goods and services in a timely manner, at the best possible value and in accordance with State of Georgia, Board of Regents, DOAS and other applicable guidelines. The Contract Compliance team ensures a central oversight and compliance check of all University contracts in accordance with all applicable regulations.

  • Budget is responsible for the preparation, coordination and maintenance of the University’s annual budget and amendments; the preparation and coordination of reports to the Board of Regents and the development of revenue projections, cost analysis, and budgets that control funding for major capital projects and repair and renovation. The Budget office also is responsible for providing accurate and prompt reports and information to the University community regarding budgetary and other financial matters. 

    The Budget and Compliance unit also includes Facilities Fiscal Services. This group supports the finance functions of the University Facilities operations including facility contracts, payments and R & R (Renewal & Replacement) process.

  • Auxiliary Finance is responsible for managing the budgeting and accounting functions for auxiliary operations of the University including University Dining, Parking, Transportation, Card Services, Copy /Print, KCash, Vending & Stores, Postal Service, Access Control and Book Stores. This office also supports the finance functions of the University Housing and Residence Life operations, Athletics Department and Department of Event and Venue Management.

  • Financial Reporting is responsible for accurate recording and reporting of all financial information to support decision-making and safeguarding and managing the University’s financial assets in compliance with regulatory requirements. This area covers general ledger accounting responsibilities including monthly and annual close, asset management, treasury management and financial compliance. This team is also responsible for compiling and reviewing all financial reporting including the Annual Financial Report in accordance with GAAP and Federal and State System office guidelines. This group manages the accounting for grants held by the University and KSU Research Foundation.


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